Design Automation for Building Energy Models

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Building energy models are used in several applications including early building design, building operations, fault detection and diagnosis, retrofit analysis, and building grid responses. However, no clear consensus exists on how detailed the model needs to be and how much data is required for different applications. The level of abstraction for building energy models is not well-defined. Existing concepts for the level of abstraction in building design are restricted to construction purposes. A well-defined hierarchy of building energy models provides a more systematic development and creates the potential for design automation.

The research focuses on

  1. Identified gaps between research and industries in building construction
  2. Reengineered and streamlined the building energy models through coordinating tools used in different teams
  3. Developed preliminary framework for the design process of building energy models during the design process

Project Details

  • Date: Current
  • Category: Building Energy Models,
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